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Order Form for DIGITAL AND PRINT Plans & Specs
Upon submission of this form, you will be directed to and/or sent a link where you can download DIGITAL VERSIONS of the appropriate plans and specs.

If you have selected to receive hard copies, the cost is shown above. 
The cost for USPS Shipping is an additional $10.00 made out to Brinnier & Larios, P.C.

Please make PLAN checks payable to Brinnier & Larios, P.C.
Payment MUST be received within 5 Business days. Please mail to:
Brinnier & Larios, P.C. 
67 Maiden Lane, Kingston, NY 12401
* Plans will NOT be sent without a Check  of PO Number
By virtue of this form, I accept that Brinnier & Larios, P.C., is supplying me (my company) with HARD COPY AND/OR DIGITAL copies of Plans & Specs out for bid.  Also by virtue of this form, I have supplied Brinnier & Larios, P.C. with my (my company's)  contact information. It will be kept on file for the necessary duration of this contract.  Brinnier & Larios, P.C. will supply addenda or any other pertinent information for the specific contract ordered ONLY via the contact information I have provided.  

If,  in the case of digital download, after downloading said digital files, the link to those files, or the pdf files themselves are shared, distributed or otherwise sent to any other party, Brinnier & Larios, P.C. is NOT responsible for disseminating additional project information to those parties. Those parties will not be on official planholders lists, etc. 

Planholders lists, Addenda and Bid Tabulations can be found, updated regularly at

Brinnier & Larios, P.C. ® 
67 Maiden Lane   |   Kingston,NY 12401
*Cost for Hard Copies is $75.00 - Make out to "Brinnier & Larios, P.C."
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Mailing Hard Copies
Requested Shipping method:

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USPS ($10 separate check payable to Brinnier & Larios, P.C.)
I Accept.
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